Progressive Lens FAQ

Progressive Lens FAQs

Vision changes occur naturally as you age. When you reach your 40’s, focusing at close range becomes difficult. This is a natural part of the aging process caused by a gradual hardening of the eye’s crystalline lens, reducing its ability to change shape and focus. This condition is called Presbyopia.

Progressive lenses feature a continuous, clear field of vision from distance, through the intermediate ranges, to near without the use of annoying bifocal lines. Bifocal lenses use very old technology. Abrupt and awkward changes between distance and near prescriptions are separated by annoying lines that can be frustrating to wear.

Anyone who has presbyopia, including current bifocal and trifocal wearers.

Most individuals will learn to use their progressive lenses right away. Others may take a bit longer to become completely comfortable. Your eye care professional should be made aware of any extended adaptation period. A "fine-tuning" frame adjustment may be all that is necessary to assist in this initial period.

Progressive lenses are available in a variety of different materials that will reduce both thickness and weight. Smaller frames also reduce lens thickness and weight. Your eye care professional will consider prescription, frame size, and your individual lifestyle as factors in helping you decide which lens material will be best for you.

Yes. There are many combinations of additional lens options that can be customized into your lenses to better fit your lifestyle, as well as offer you the utmost vision clarity, comfort, and protection.

Warranties on progressive lenses may vary among eye care professionals. It is important to understand warranties available to you from the eye care professional you plan to purchase your lenses from. Please contact us for details on our warranty of your progressive lenses.

In addition to the information provided here, and elsewhere on this website, we are an excellent source of information about progressive lenses and their specific applications to your individual prescription and lifestyle.